Fonctionnement de la promenade

The 4 kilometre walk lasts about 3 hours, stopping at each of the nine stops. We invite participants to adapt their route according to their desires and remind them that this content is only a support to stimulate discovery.

The walk has been created for the general public and is accessible to both novices and experienced naturalists.

The interactive map allows participants to see where the content will be presented (see below).

At each stop, you will be given a specific meeting point and the geographical coordinates (on the interactive map above). If you are lost, you can use a GPS or an online application to find your way (Google Map or other). Once in front of the tree, you will be able to access the website and the content of the walk if you have wifi on your phone.

If you do not have access to the internet on your phone, do not worry !

You can print the PDF document (downloadable below) at home and read the content as your do the walk.

You can also print the identification guide below. It contains the description of 28 urban lichens found on the tree bark and many lichens I am not describing in the text ! More information on what an identification guide is on this post.

1. Ambiorix Square🍃

What is a lichen? You will find below the audio and the text of the walk ! Have a good adventure ! PS: Small correction of the audio, the rhizines are represented by the letter “e” and not the letter “d” on the diagram (see below in the text). The problem was that we didn’t know who we were talking about when we said “we” Adrienne Rich, American feminist poet, essayist and theorist I would likeContinue reading “1. Ambiorix Square🍃”

2. Michelangelo Avenue

The complexity of lichens and their forms You will find below the audio and the text of the walk! Have a good adventure ! So far, we learned that a lichen is a symbiotic form between a fungus and an alga…  A nice discovery ! But it is not that simple. The world of fungi is complex, and its forms are variable and sometimes incongruous. Look at the lichens on the tree with a magnifying glassContinue reading “2. Michelangelo Avenue”

3. Cinquantenaire Park 🍁

The importance of lichens Below you will find the audio and text of the walk !Have a good adventure ! What do you think ? How important are lichens ? We pass by lichens every day without realising their presence. But why should these small organisms matter to us ? Lichens are pioneer species – they are a link between the animate and the inanimate.   Every environment is constantly changing, this is due in part toContinue reading “3. Cinquantenaire Park 🍁”

4. Leopold Park 🍂

Symbiosis Below you will find the audio and text of the walk !Have a good adventure ! PS: The name of the man who opened the doors to the discipline of genetics is Gregor Mendel, not George Mendel (which is stated in the audio above). What happens when human exceptionalism and the idea of individualism limited by a few (physical) boundaries is turned upside down by scientific discoveries ?  Biology has always had immense power toContinue reading “4. Leopold Park 🍂”

5. Leopold Park, behind EU buildings

Air pollution and lichens Below you will find the audio and text of the walk ! Have a good adventure ! What do you think is the link between lichens and air pollution? As we said earlier an organism is affected by its environment and in turn alters its habitat. This is what ecologists study, the relationship between organisms and their environment. Thus, by recording the absence or presence of certain lichen species, we can get an ideaContinue reading “5. Leopold Park, behind EU buildings”

6. Luxembourg Place 🌻

Lichens and medicine  Below you will find the audio and the text of the content of the walk ! Have a good adventure ! A little bit of history…. The evolution of the lichen symbiosis is interesting because the co-evolution of the alga and the fungus has taken place several times at different periods and for different species. Lichens represent a success story of several million years. Fossils of lichens have been found and have been datedContinue reading “6. Luxembourg Place 🌻”

7. Meeûs Square

The reproduction of lichens  Below you will find the audio and text of the walk !Have a good adventure! Note: In the audio, I talk about the presence of the lichen Melanohalea exasperatula. I misspell it – always complicated these Latin names ! You now have the name if you ever want to do more research ! How do lichens disperse and reproduce?  Like fungi, lichens have quite complex and diverse reproductive strategies. The strategies thatContinue reading “7. Meeûs Square”

8. Royal Park

The identification of lichens  Below you will find the audio and text of the walk !Have a good adventure ! To identify lichens, two criteria are important:  The forms of the lichen : foliose, crustose, fruticose, leprose(see Stop 2, here for more info) The reproduction methods (see the previous stop (7) here for more info) Other details are important such as the colour of the lower surface of the lichen, the type of rhizines (which are the attachments that allowContinue reading “8. Royal Park”

9. Sablon Place

End of the walk Below you will find the audio and text of the walk !Have a good adventure ! We have reached the end of the walk. Thank you for participating and joining until the end of this adventure. Thanks also for having opened your ears and your eyes to discover this peculiar organism and its diversity.  On the tree in front of you, you can find most of the species we saw during theContinue reading “9. Sablon Place”

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