A walk to discover lichens in Brussels
A new perspective on the city

Pour accéder au site de la promenade Lichen Walk en version française, c’est ici.
Follow this link to access the website of the Lichen Walk in French, it is here.

A 4 km walk to discover lichens in the city of Brussels. 

The Lichen Walk project aims to introduce the inhabitants of Brussels to the presence of lichens in the urban ecosystem. It invites participants to discover another facet of the city and to observe their surrounding environment. Cities are often seen as environments created for and by humans. However, other organisms quickly adapt to the dynamic changes of the city and enable the ecosystem to function. 

To change cities into sustainable spaces, we must welcome non-human living organisms into urban space and recognise their presence and importance.

Follow this walk to learn more about what a lichen is, its importance in the urban ecosystem, its symbiosis – a close relationship between a fungus and an algae – and the mysteries this organism holds. 

How does it work? 

The 4 kilometer walk lasts about 3 hours, stopping at each of the nine destinations. Due to the sanitary conditions, all the interactive content of the walk is available online on this website. You will be able to download the full PDF, listen to audios or read the script, you can access everything here. We invite participants to adapt their route according to their desires and remind them that this content is only a support to stimulate discovery. 

The walk has been created with everyone in mind, and is accessible for both novice and experienced naturalists.

The illustrated map (below) as well as this interactive map will help visualise the destinations where the content about lichens will be presented.

On the interactive map, each stop will be indicated with a specific meeting point as well as the geographical coordinates (which you can enter in Google Map). Once in front of the tree, you will be able to access the website and the content of the walk.

The meeting places

Ambiorix Square

The first look at the lichens. We will start by explaining what a lichen is. Have you ever heard of symbiosis ?
I will introduce you to this incredible natural phenomenon! For more info go here

Michelangelo Avenue

Lichen has many forms that we can see with the naked eye. I will introduce you to the common species in order to recognise their shapes and colours. We will also discover where lichens live. Join me here.

Cinquantenaire Park

How important are lichens ? 

Much more than we think. Lichens keep many habitats functioning, from the Arctic to the Tropics.

Want to learn more ? It’s here.

Léopold Park

Symbiosis – the close relationship between organisms of different species – is a more common phenomenon than we think. It questions our perceptions of individuality and bodies. Come and discover another perception of the world here

Léopold Park bis

We stay in Leopold Park, but we get closer to the EU Parliament this time to talk about air pollution. Indeed, lichens are biological indicators of pollution. See you soon here

Luxembourg Place

The lives of human beings and lichens have been intertwined for centuries. 

How do they intertwine ? We will answer these questions here

Meeûs Square

How do lichens disperse and reproduce?
Good question ! 

Lichens have several modes of reproduction, sometimes quite complex!

You want to know more about lichen reproduction, it’s here.

Royal Park

The identification of the different species of lichens is not easy. But here you will have all the tools in hand to start the adventure! 

Sablon Place

For this end of the walk, we will review the different forms and species seen throughout the walk and there will be a little surprise… An exhibition of porcelain sculptures placed on the tree. This art work was created by the artist Franck Sarfati. The adventure ends here.

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